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Guys, I was wondering what you think attracts you about a girl that looks feminine. What makes a girl look feminine? Is it her body shape or does it also include style and attitude? What makes a girl too feminine and too girly? Does femininity attract you?


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  • Wow, you ask pretty involved questions!

    Masculinity and femininity are both as much learned behaviors as they are instinctive. That being the case, part of the reason that guys generally enjoy feminine women is that they have learned to do so. They've spent their entire lives learning to appreciate it!

    As for the specific things about femininity that are attractive to guys, it is really an amalgam of things. Obviously the body shape is included (there are plenty of women with attractive bodies that don't fall under the classic concept of femininity, but I'm just going to talk about those that do here). My guess as to why the physical appearance is attractive is because it is ingrained in us from an early age. Further, it is different. Guys generally don't have the narrow shoulders and waste with the larger chest and hips. That makes things refreshing!

    Style and attitude are definitely key players in femininity. Graceful movements and attractive attire can definitely make a girl stand out. Confidence is a key as well. All of these things come together to make femininity what we think of. Again, we are attracted to these aspects of the female for the same reasons that we enjoy the feminine form. We've learned to and it is different.

    Of course, being too feminine or too girlie is certainly possible. There can always be too much of anything and when confidence becomes arrogance, grace becomes acting, clothing becomes costumes, and figure becomes skeleton, things go from being highly desirable to just plain unfortunate.

    Honestly, femininity is attractive to me, but not moreso than anything else. I would appreciate a feminine woman for her femininity, but like I said before, fitting the classic design is not a shew in to hotness. Further, personalities are so widely varied that I'm not sure that someone could have a classically feminine personality (or at least not one that I would notice as being so).

    If you are asking because you are particularly feminine, then I would say, "keep it up. Your figure/outfit/style/attitude are probably attractive to a lot of people. Be confident and enjoy yourself."

    If you are asking because you are not feminine, then I would say, "stay yourself! Don't try to change yourself just to fit a mold. Femininity is great, but there are so many more reasons why people are attracted to each other than classic concepts of gender roles that I would guess that you are best off creating a style and attitude that fits you."

    If you are asking because you don't have a preference, then I would say, "be what you want to be. If it intrigues you, go for it. If it doesn't, don't."

    Wow, that was long. If you are still reading, then I hope I answered your question! If not, whew, I feel sorry for you!

    • That answer is so good!!!

      and what do you mean about my questions being involved?

    • I mean that there is a lot more to it than just, "I like females." It's a great discussion topic (hence my really long answer)! Nice question!

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  • to put it in one sentence...the way a lady carries herself...In whatever she does there is an elegant grace...its not the individual parts...its the overall personality...

  • Yeah for me feminity is essential...its all about having a naturally sexy ladylike walk, the higher her voice the better, and the less masculine her shape the better. Not saying she should be a doormat, no way, but I think agression is really unladylike...a sweet, yet confident woman can have me anytime..

  • Wear feminine clothes and speak politely. That's how you'd act like a "woman". Nowadays acting like a girl means saying stuff like, "Omg did you totallly like see what he just like did, I mean that bulge in his you know, pants, was sooooooo out there riiight?"

    Frankly I want to explode when I hear girls talk like that it's so frustrating. Being polite is WAY different than that. Girly = 12 year old girl who just got her first crush and is about to realize how evil relationships can be


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