How would you get into her/his eye ?

Lets say that you was into her/him a lot and tried to approach them but they just ignored and avoided you the worst way they could .

Now after a year you know that she/he is coming back in town and you know that you will end up seeing them . How will you get into her/his eye and make them regret the way that they behaved to you ?

I know its a childish thing to ask , but I can't really help it :P

So go on GaG community and make it good to read ..

Thanks a lot for your time and effort , it is appreciated !


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  • Don't even try to look at her. Just always have a good time and be smiling. She'll notice that I'm sure. As long as you don't look like you're TRYING to get her to look at you.

    • And be talking to girls often

    • Yeah , I figured that I would do something like that , but I just can't make my self some resolve to just sit around her and have fun , when I think that I will see her again ,my blood starts boiling in excitement , well anyway I don't think that somebody else than me would understand the pressure I'm under if I just look like I'm having the fun of my life .

      I'll wait to see something more flash and if not I'll stick to this .

      Thanks a lot for your time guys !

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  • I'm basically on your boat, but what I would do is basically try to make them jealous. If its a girl, then find a really hot girl and bring her around the one that blew you off. Make sure you flirt a lot with the other girl, to get the one who came back mad. I know that it would p*ss me off if someone did that to me, even if I didn't like them. I don't know if this sounds really mean, but I'm just trying to throw out some ideas

    • Thanks for the idea , but its not really an option because I don't really know somebody I would be interested to meet right now and I would not really feel nice to just get somebody that I'm not so interested in to just use them to get whatever I want .

      Anyway Thanks a lot !

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