I like this girl but I found out she is not looking for a boyfriend at the moment

I really like this one girl and been spending a bit of time with her she just got out of a relationship id say 2 months ago and it was one were shoe loved him. I've known her for 2 and half years and we been talking as friends I've been there for her and have always cared for her. but recently we went clubbing together and a friend went up to her while I was not there and asked is that your boy friend she like no he a really good friend then the other girl said aww but you guys look good together why not the girl I liked replied I'm not looking right now.

My question is what should I do from here and on, continue what I've been doing for the past years and keep talking and being there for her and hopefully one day she will see I'm worth keeping and for the mean while scratch out the whole wanting to be her boyfriend and just be friends for now to see what happens?
ya and now what happened is I stopped talking to her for like a few days and she msged me how come you don't message me anymore... basically then I spilled my feelings out to her and told her hw much I liked her and I thought that she did not feel the same way about me any more she told me its not that its that I wanted to take things slow I've been hurt before and I know you won't hurt me she says so I guess were on the same page she wants to takes things slow
and now she basically deleted me off black berry messenger randomly don't know why maybe she now needs some space and time to herself and see how much she really misses me while not talking to me I guess how long should I wait cause I won't be msging her till she msgs me


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  • if you believe she's worth a wait you could keep waiting for her. she must be since it seems you've waited awhile. if you decide that she's not I guess you could move on .

    • hahaha she is very well worth it, I've been in a 4 year relationship took me a while to get over it and trust again and I finally found someone I can love but its matter of time I just have to scratch the whole idea of getting with her and just be friends for now and see what happens = ) already miss her spent 3 days in row with her and now its a work week won't see her till maybe tomorrow or next week

    • aww... :)gooodluuck with things. ;)

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  • I would just keep doing what you're doing for now. If she just got out of a long-term relationship, she still might not be over the guy and if you make a move, you could ruin your friendship. Try flirting with her a tiny bit so you can start to ease yourself out of the friendzone but don't do anything big right now. As time goes on, gradually start flirting more and more and if she continues to respond positively, then you can make a move.

    Oh and DO NOT tell a single one of her friends that you like her unless you want her to know. Girls cannot keep secrets.


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