What do y'all think of the ladies in the Miss USA Pageant?

I just got home and saw my mom watching the Miss USA Pageant. I sat down and watched it for about 5 minutes but had some other stuff I had to go and do. Honestly I'm not very big on it. To me the ladies SEEM to be fake on the inside and out. Yes, granted I have never met them and therefore I can't say that they really are and don't have the right to judge them. that's why I put that they SEEM that way. I'm just going by what I saw on the TV and from what I have seen in the past...and I am not saying that ALL of them are but the vast majority seems like it.

It just looks to me like they all have had tons of surgeries done to make themselves look so beautiful and have forgotten about the inside, which is what true beauty is all about. Yeah they can answer the questions good and seem sincere but a lot of it rehearsed and they are taught very well how to answer the questions and not a lot of it comes from the heart. As I said..I don't know them and can't say that they are really like that. It just seems that way. Does anyone else think that too?


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  • I don't see the point of Miss America. You're basically crowned the most beautiful girl in America and then what? You only hold the title for a year and any of the community service work they're supposed to be all about is never heard of and doesn't appear to contribute much to society.

    I could be wrong, but the every time I hear of a Miss America winner/contestant being in the news it has to do with plastic surgeries and naked pictures, not how they're bettering the world.


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