Guys, describe what makes a girl/woman/lady beautiful to you?

Guys, describe what makes a girl/woman/lady beautiful to you?

What are the traits that make you a beautiful woman or lady?

what attracts you guys?

What age? What height? physical traits? personality traits?

What are you will to put up for what?

What do you like about a woman that you will commit to?

basically what is the definition of 'beautiful' to a man/ guy?


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  • I'm a fan of brown hair, the shade of which is variable. I'm also good with black and blond, preferably neck-length. Some make-up is fine, just don't wear layers and layers of it. On age, within 1-2 years of me (I'm 23). I'm pretty athletic, so an athletic body type is preferable. On the matter of height, shorter than me haha. Style of dress? Not emo, gothic, or trampy; do conservative/casual.

    On pysical traits, I have a lot of wiggle room. This will sound cliche, but personality is key to me. And by that I don't mean shy, outgoing, girly-girl, or tomboy. It's very important that she and I would have similar, if not exactly identical, belief systems (religion, politics, society/culture, etc.). Respect and trust are extremely important as well. I wouldn't mind if she would fish for a compliment once every now and then, but if she's always putting herself down, I will feel she doesn't trust me. It's also good knowing that if I say "I'm going out with the guys tonight", she will trust me, and likewise that I could trust her when girls' night comes about.

    I like spontenaity (spelling?). It's fine if we have plan for a night out, but I have no qualms about improvising. If she makes me laugh, that's definitely a plus.

    Okay, so that was more an answer to the "what do you look for" type of question, but it's kind of one in the same to me haha.


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