How high maintenance is high maintenance?

Girls seem to be saying on here that a high maintenance guy is a turn off. How much maintenance is 'allowed' so to speak?

Is it about what he does? Is it a turn off if he shaves some of his body hair (but I mean like the ones that girls are saying they don't like eg back, neck etc)

or is it about how much time it takes him? 'Doesn't take as long as me to get ready' is the common answer, but well if that's your answer, how long do you take? What if he still did the same amount of things as you but was quick? What if he took not as long as you but still almost long is that still a turn off?

Is one hour a day to get ready plus maybe 2 or 3 hours a week for other various stuff too much?


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  • I think high maintenance in a guy is usually someone who is way too consumed with his appearance and is just self absorbed.

    It can also be a guy who is just really needy. Compliments and sweet things are one thing, and are appreciated, but its a whole different thing to say them nearly every single text. It tends to read as needing reassurance, such as him judging how I feel about him based on my responses. So its high maintenance in the sense that it takes a lot to maintain his confidence.


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  • High maintence is like when a guy wears eye liner , foundation and all that . even ends up stealing some of your make up.

    if he wears fake tan - georgie shore or jersey shore have guys with are so high maintence its gone up to their brain and killed every braincell. as long as a guy is clean and tidy its grand. but staring at yourself in the mirror and getting worried over a pimple is stupid.

    i want a guy who isn't fussy about how he looks as long as he's clean !

  • I'm thinking one hour including a shower. Is just fine. Shaving is nice. I like soft skin on a guy, but I also like a little bit of hair to play with. Generally on the tummy...or lower. Lol. High maintenance is a turn off if your self obsorbed and always have to look good and the way you want. Sometimes you just have to relax lol

  • Whatever it takes for a guy to feel confident and comfortable with himself is fine with me.. as long as I'm not waiting on him to finish getting ready when we started at the same time.

  • One Word= Guido.


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