Cold Attraction: Does this happen to you?

This happens to me a lot, when I see a guy that I am attracted to we make eye contact and maintain it for a while but neither one of us smiles. It's like a serious look and we hang in there for more time than just a friendly glance before one of us looks away. I often don't smile back because I feel intimidated by them but I can sense the tension between us. I don't know what to make of a situation like this. It's almost as if they are interested but why are they so serious? If you've been in this situation did either one of you approach the other?


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  • I am in your situation currently. She is underage which is why I have not smiled or approached her.

    • Yeah, sometimes I wonder that is probably why they don't smile at me. Not because I'm underage but because of other reasons. Thanks for your answer.

    • You are welcome

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  • This is so weird lol, I was in a sumilar situation with this one girl from college. We'd never even spoken to each other or anything but everyday we'd lock eyes a good few times, sometimes it was a good stare at each other lol... one time before a lab I was standing talking to one of my friends and she was standing directly beside me, she reached to get something from her bag and when she looked up we had really intense eye contact, its funny that neither one of us said anything. I did sorta like her, she seemed like a nice girl but I think I'll wait till next term and see if things are the same, if so then I'm gonna talk to her haha

  • No biggie happens to me a lot. Since no ones smiling how we know we are attracted to each other? Smile back.


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