Why do girls gush over me on webcam?

Sometimes when I'm bored or lonely (I don't have much of a social life) I like to go on Omegle to chat with people. I don't particularly care who it's with just as long as the person has his or her clothes on. But whenever it does happen to be with a girl or a group of them, I usually hear how cute/hot/sexy I am. That's very nice and all, but it makes me wonder... How come I never get that kind of attention from the opposite gender offline? Is it simply just a confidence thing? The anonymity of it all?
No idea why this was categorized as "Sexuality" when I selected Flirting :S


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  • its because its fun, like its just the game of flirting. its hard to explain but lets say your going to a party, girls always say lets go flirt with some guys! plus.. if you rnot acutally good looking they figure oh.. well he doesn't get girls he will be alllll over me because I'm actually decent looking or something along those lines. I don't have a specific situation but it at least makes sense to me;p

  • I think it is also because the fear of rejection goes away a little when it is online since it is over a computer and not face to face.


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