Pretty girls have it made.

I'm really pissed off. I have been looking for a better job for ages and I'm really qualified this girl I know has got herself a job so easily. She is a total babe. She has a really nice job and she gets paid well and she is not bright at all. Another girl who I work with at a restaurant is really pretty and she gets massive tips of like 100 dollars from rich business guys all the time who stare at her boobs. It so pathetic, I can practically read what's going on in their minds. The rest of us get tips of like maybe 5 dollars 10 if we are lucky. The world takes really good care of the beautiful. Why? Have you seen any beautiful people living out in the street? I haven't.


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  • Well that's because the wrold is obessed with one dimensional traits such as beauty. This is due to reality TV. Trust me everyone on reality TV is pretty darn good looking and we see this as desired and your right its pathetic but what can we do? Nothing but make something of ourselves while the beautiful slooooowly turn ugly then they loose it all. See life is grand :)

    • ahaha did you just blame our society's age old obsession with beauty on reality TV? reality TV is the scape goat for just about everything these days.

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    • lol snookie and parais hiltion are ugly xD I have no idea why there so famous.

      Now if you want a hot rich spoilt brat look at Petra ecclestone SHE IS HOT AS HELL!

    • Snooki maybe stupid and paris hilton maybe famous and fuel the magazine industy but that fact is saying that you would rather a girl with brains doesn't mean that you wouldn't go out with the hottest girl in the world that was stupid. Also to be not shallow and fake you would have to go out with someone you like as a person and not what they look on the outside.

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  • Sorry but life is unfair, there are also things in life against women.

    • there is such a big gap between how pretty girls/models are treated and normal looking girls. I guess its kind of fueled by shallow guys and some girls who have power.

    • Well if someone uses only his/her looks to impress people, that means he/she has nothing significant, like brains, knowledge or even sense of humor. They can trick shallow people to make some money, but not the smart ones who look for something other than money. I don't think, they'll be happy after they get older and lose their beauty, so it's not such a big gap.

    • smart women are stuck up on brains lol ooo look at me I'm smarter than a man.

  • I can't even get a job at f***ing Taco Bell. Maybe I'm just really really ridiculously bad looking, and don't know it. :K


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  • In a shallow world, beauty wins

  • Money and sex make the world go round look at Petra ecclestone she is hot as hell and just spends her dads money for a living who is the CEO and President of Formula One and look at his former wife lol a former Armani model xD.

    Life takes care of the rich and beautiful except for men really beautiful men I doubt get it as good as beautiful women or rich men.


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