Are beautiful men intimidated by beautiful women?

Personally, I don't really see it, but I guess I am considered quite hot, and on a night out I can get pretty much any guy I want, but I have always thought this has to do with my attitude. Which is what brings me here, I snagged a model-gorgeous man, who told me I am sexy, gorgeous, in a genuine manner. I'm curious, do you think he is intimidated by me? He is pretty quiet in my presence and hasn't asked me on a date yet.


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  • Insecure men are intimidated by beautiful woman. If you're confident about what you have to offer, you have nothing to fear from an equal.


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  • No because if you are a good looking guy and know it, then chances are you are a cocky idiot. That's just my common observation. (Not in all cases but most)

    • well I don't go for cocky idiots, read my question more carefully! you sound bitter

    • Im sorry its super late and my eyes feel like someone threw sulphuric acid in them. (Btw I can't sleep for crazy reasons you wouldn't believe) But sure who knows he maybe wants you to make a move first because maybe he got out of a bad relationship or something of that manner. You never know

  • No, he's not intimidated. Good looking guys have their choice of any women. There's nothing in your question to indicate why he'd pick you, other than he complimented you.

    A guy can compliment a girl a lot. Doesn't mean they want to date them.


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  • Maybe he's just a qutie guy; Although even if he's a good-looking guy doesn't mean that he can't get intimidate by you or anyone else for that matter.

    oh and just by the way you do sound a bit cocky.


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