Eye contact/smiling/nodding at the opposite gender?

I'm curious how many people nod/smile/make eye contact or greet the opposite gender in passing..

Being shy in unfamiliar territory, I'm generally not one for any of the above. Until today.

I was wearing sunnies, but I figured I may as well step out of my comfort zone and actually smile at a random girl walking past. Sounds pathetic I know, but it's not my thing. I generally just ignore and go about my business like no one exists until they actually step into my world.

It wasn't a toothy/cheesy grin, but I think it was a smile of sorts. What surprised me was the fact the girl actually smiled back, and said Hi, to which I said Hello back! Honestly made my day!
  • Eye contact (how long?)
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  • Smile (how DO you smile?)
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  • Nod
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  • Greet them (Hey, Hi, Hello, 'morning, etc..)
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  • None of the above. Other people don't exist.
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  • Haha no better feeling that a gorgeous girl staring back at you with that lovely look in her eyes, I honestly enjoy the rush it gives, if that sounds stupid? ahah

    • Haha you bet! I was thinking, "hey why didn't I try striking up a conversation" but that would've been awkward.. It was at college, so doubtless I'll see her around the place. hopefully.

    • Thats the hard part, talking, it can either go two ways, but hey, there could be a future in this for you :)

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  • i wish I took the time to smile at people more, because I'm usually furrowing my brows deep in thought, to actually notice that people exist around me. this is the main reason why I hardly have guys coming up to me because I always look pensive hahahahaha.

  • Guys never do that to me 1st unless I smile first..

  • I tend to nod/bow and smile at the same time.

  • i do the awkward ''how you doing'' nod :L

  • Most of the time I don't expect people to be friendly so I kinda ignore it because by the time I realize what they said or did I've already walked by but usually I look back and try to fake a smile

  • Ya I know I tried that on a guy I'm shy and just wanted to see what would happen-well I did something different I smiled at a guy id usually never talk to caz he's not the same race..I was expecting a smile or a ignore since its happened with guys of my race instead I got a smile and a verbal 'hi' I was shocked and barely mangaed to say hi back..but then again he was one of those people asking for doanations by safeway.but he didn't ask me

  • i make eye contact and smile, but I don't nod


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