Done With Relationships!

I don't get it with my ex boyfriend or with relationships in general.I feel like every time we try to move forward we always take a step back, I don't know what else to do anymore.I feel so trapped now.every time I try to leave my ex boyfriend he always gets in contact with me telling me that he loves me.then days after he doesn't answer my emails with the excuse being he doesn't get them because of a slow or bad internet connection.but its like he never calls me and when he does call me he calls me from private numbers so I can never get a hold of him when I want to talk to him.but its like.he knows I have a cell phone and he tells me he loves me so why wouldn't he want to call me, because he says he has things to do, and he's always busy.but its like I can't see myseld with anyone else but him.I have a connection with him that I don't have with anyone else, and when I do try to date someone else, they either want me for sex or treat me like shit.I feel like either way I'm never going to get the good end of the stick in relationships no matter what I do, I try to be good to them I REALLY do and I feel like its never good enough for any guy I date.I just feel like why am I not good enough for any man? Why do they all treat me like this? What did I do? Do I have bad karma? Is it me? am I ugly? I just don't get it.and when I tell him I'm going to walk away then he wants to call me and tell me this I love you and I am still not over you stuff but then ignores me when I want to have a general conversation with him.This just makes me not even want to be with men anymore because they always do this to me and I didn't do anything wrong to them.I don't think I was meant to be with anyone.maybe this is God telling me that I wasnt meant to be in a long term relationship with anyone or maybe I am not compatable with anyone or I'm not good enough to meet any mans needs or desires.I don't know about anything anymore.I spent a whole year and then some trying to make him happy and even took him back more than once when he messed up and this is what I get in return nothing but the feeling of being alone and used, no matter what I do, no matter what race I date I always get the same thing.there must be something about me that attracts the assholes even though I know inside I'm a good person. I guess it just wasnt meant for me to be with anyone.I really don't believe there is a soulmate or that one person out there for me otherwise I wouldn't be treated like shit so much over and over I've given up on relationships.I can't do it anymore.I'm so tired of being treated like crap when I don't deserve it, but every time I get my hopes up and someone else comes along they're twice as bad as the loser I was with before.I'm so sick to my stomach with this and guys wonder why women are so bitter. so anyway.anyone has any feedback? feel free.


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  • My Girlfriend was hurt in the past too. It took me 3 months, yes 3 months for her to finally open up to me. and that was from me walking 45 minutes to her place 4 or 5 times a week to see her. try not too be too bitter, and understand that when a good guy comes around, when he is worth your time, he will do whatever he has to to be with you. For the record, my Girlfriend swore after meeting me the first time that she wouldn't date me, but now we are together for a year, I tell her how beautiful she is every day and I would do anything to make her happy. So my feedback, there is someone out there for you, but he might be someone you never expected, like my Girlfriend learned.


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  • Yeah, my ex tried that on me, I was so angry I told him to f*** off the first time, we talked, I phoned him back after he contacted me, we talked, it was horrible, he wanted me back and I cried and then I called him, he didn't call back. I just think personally guys aren't ready for anything when they're 18,19,20etc till who knows when (sorry guys, hate to generalize)

    I think when we broke up, yeah, I questioned whether or not I was unattractive or anything, but I just did a lot of things to cheer me up like playing video games, joining a martial arts course, hanging out with friends, shopping.

    Don't worry. There's like 6 billion people on this earth, out of the 6 billion, there's got be a good one (at least I'm hoping). You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I'm only had a few relationships in my life and yeah, I'm sick too. But you learn those lessons and move on from them. It took me a while because I really was in love with my ex boyfriend when I was with him, but unfortunately he didn't love me that much, he could not get over his ex even though he was with me.

    I think some guys don't have remorse for what they do in the past and they aren't man enough to even say 'I'm sorry' to your face when they hurt you really bad.

    Take my ex-boyfriend for example, he didn't even like say sorry in person, he just went out with a bunch of girls after me and then came back to play mind games, because my number just happens to be one of the ones in his black book, because he thinks I'm easy.

    I'm pretty and I'm smart. I had a lot of good friends support me, a lot of my friends (Especially the guy friends wanted to kick his ass, but didn't)

    Honestly, I don't know why there are so many assholes out there. A lot less girls would get hurt and there'de be less heart ache if guys knew how to just respect girls. I'm not refering to the decent guys out there, I'm refering to the d**** bags out there and idk, I honestly wish they would treat women with respect, like what if she had been in an abusive relationship before? emotional, sexual, physical abuse. It could be worst,but then again, I wish guys in general would be more aware of their actions and have more compassion towards their girlfriends or girls in general. It's hard enough as it is to be a girl. We make ourselves look cute for them, we get all dressed up for them, etc. It's a pain I know, that's why I'm single, I like your question, I'm going to give it a good rating. I love questions where people can actually think and then answer. yay! ;*)