What do guys not care about?

OK so I've been told that we girls are usually concerned about things that guys don't even notice or care about, what are these things. (and I know that everyone has different personal opinions on what is important but just in general. ex. guys don't care how girls wear their hair. I don't know if they do or not but that's just an example of the kind of answer I'm looking for.


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  • Its hard for me to come up with something that no guys care about, but personally I tend to think that girls over-think what outfit they will wear each day. If the clothes look good it really doesn't matter to me and I couldn't care less about things matching or being in style or whatever. This probably doesn't apply to more fashion-aware guys but I'm nearly clueless when it comes to that so I don't really care.

    BTW I definitely care more about how girls wear their hair.


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  • Breast size

    The 'gap' between her thighs

    If she's bi

  • By and by large we don't really care about the small things that girls do. Nails, shoes, jewelry, that sort of thing.

  • How your day went...

    I kid of course.

  • Most things you care about, I haven't even thought about. I know girls care a lot about what they wear, but I don't even remember what I wear on a normal day.

  • Nails


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