Do any other guys classify girls based on looks?

Personally I have three categories and all girls fit into one of them (come on, no one can be left out).

Cute, Beautiful, or Sexy.

I am not saying that one is any better than the other, though I tend to be drawn towards cute. I am just asking if anyone else groups people based on appearance (girls can answer this too).

BTW, in case anyone wanted to know. Cute = petite, softer face. Beautiful = regal looking? Its hard to describe. Sexy = the tons of makeup that looks good (I guess this is cheerleaders mostly)


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  • i think many people do that but maybe not by the same definitions, idk.

    i get sexy and beautiful a lot, only sometimes do I get cute and that's usually if they know me in reference to me habits, personality, etc.

    im bisexual and I love women but for some reason I don't operate like a lot of guys in this respect (maybe because I'm not a I don't consciously have definitions and for me they often overlap. its just something I feel. if I were to go off the top of my head and give my own definitions (or what they tend to be) it may look something like this:

    sexy - sex appeal, alluring somehow whether its her style, her manner of carrying herself or a sexual vibe in the way she dresses; also can just be a girl who just has a sexy body and there's nothing she can do to hide it; sexy face

    beautiful - this is the hardest for me to define. idk. someone who is very good looking naturally. it can be the most exotic beautiful to the most simple or "plain" kind of beautiful, there are many kiinds. just someone I think is absolutely lovely to look at. her face, she can have a beautiful body that looks like a work of art, which is usually a very curvy, soft frame for me, etc. this can definitely overlap with sexy, but doesn't have to. I'm not sexually drawn to every girl I think is beautiful. also beautiful can be a reference to the person as a whole and who they are, but pretty much all three of these can (for me anyway).

    cute is more like childish charm or naivete, or something relating to looks that seem very very youthful, almost childlike. if a girl is really short, she might be cute in that way, or if she has really small boobs, I would say (depending on what they look like) that she has cute boobs, a tiny butt is a cute butt, that kind of thing. she can have a cute face, something that isn't necessarily beautiful or sexy, but is still adorable and warm. also, cute can reference personality and quirky habits.

    so yeah, mine are harder to explain but there ya go lol


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  • Those are very generous categories. Does every girl you come across really fit into one of those?

    • Sometimes it isn't easy. When there is someone who looks like they have nothing going for them, I can usually find a facial feature that will put them in one of them. Obviously there are different levels in each of those categories.

  • Good looks are better than plain looks. Men fall in love based on appearances. It's not you, it's mother nature.


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