Why can't I attract men I like or attractive looking men?

All I attract are either ugly guys or older men. I like to think that I am fairly good looking. I have received compliments saying that I am. I have a nice size/body, I don't dress provocatively or anything like that. Is it because I look so young? I am in my early 20's but people often times mistake me for a young teenager. I mean but my figure gives my age away so I don't know what I am doing wrong. I will admit I am a bit shy I am terrible at flirting. I just get so nervous around guys I reallly like.

Oh, and please don't say give the ugly guys a chance, because I have. They have always turned out to be jerks who have taken me for granted.

So is there anything I could do to attract any attractive guys?


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  • I think the larger issue is that you said your terrible at flirting. Why should a guy your own age spend time chasing you if you are going to make it awkward and a lot of work for him?

    You most likely are putting out a negative vibe to guys you like because of feeling shy/nervous, but a confident indifferent vibe to guys you don't view as intimidating. So those guys are attracted more because that's what attracts guys.

    When you can feel indifferent/unintimidated around guys you find attractive, then you will attract them too.

    Work on yourself and find your inner confidence. Then accept the fact that you are perfect the way you are and guys are missing out. When you truly believe that and aren't just trying to convince yourself of it than you will see a real change.

    • I think you are right. I know attractive guys find me in some way appealing because I often get looks from them whenever I am out all the time! They just don't say anything to me I just need to build up my confidence and maybe make the first move myself. :D

    • Just approach guys to make new friends. If you don't worry about them as a dating potential than being natural and comfortable should come easy. Eventually if you know enough one of them will make a move.

    • Yeah, I will. I'm thinking way too much about them as a boyfriend rather than just somone I wouldlike to get to know first. Thanks for your advice! :)

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  • Attractive guys don't need to approach women, especially average women.

    • That's the dumbest response I have ever heard. I am quite sure attractive men find attractive women quite desirable. I have seen several attractive men approach average looking women and hit on/flirt with them. So your "opinion" is extremely flawed. I asked for advice not what you think about attractive guys.

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    • sorry I called you a c

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  • Maybe you are trying too hard at flirting. Just imagine what would you want a guy say to you. Say it to the guy you like. Smile and be yourself. Don't pretend and be fake. Play with your eyes and smile when having a conversation w the guys. You don't have dress provocatively just enough to look cute, sexy and innocent.


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