Why are my eyes stinging?

I'm sorry this is kinda a stupid question but I really want to know the answer. So I'm short-sighted and I have been wearing contacts for about 4 weeks now and today when I woke up my left eye was really stinging and very painful. I put one of my contacts in and the pain got even worse. It was so bad I couldn't concentrate enough to put my other contact in but in the end I managed to put both contacts in properly. It was hurting all day and when I had a shower earlier on it hurt like hell! what do I do about it?
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  • Go see a doctor as soon as possible , eyes are not something that you should wait to see how bad things are , if you get a bad infection you may even have vision problems if not worst . I don't try to put fear in to you , I just say it out of concern .


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  • Your eyes sound inflamed.

    I had this happen to me before too, and I went to the optometrist, and

    he gave me a brand of contacts that allow more oxygen

    enter through the lense.

    I don't think its anything serious.

    but I think you should go to your optometrist so he

    can help you.

  • See doctor or optician. Sounds like an eye infection. Should stop wearing contacts for next few days to give your eye time to recover. If you don't get it properly treated, it could mean the end of contact wearing for good.

  • You prob just scratched it in your sleep. Give it a day or so.


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