Which permanent hair removal product is best?

The Homedics

https://www.boots.com/en/HoMedics-me-my-elos-permanent-hair- reduction_1190410/

I Light


I looked up numerous reviews for each one and unlike most hair removal products, these two seem to actually work. Which one would you recommend between these?
I seen a video on youtube of this of a girl saying this one worked too link video here of her review saying it worked link is this one better than the other two?


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  • I have owned the Remington i-light for a year and can say that it definitely works, but you definitely feel the zap at the higher power settings. It has enough joules to produce permanent hair reduction. The jury is still out on the Me elos. IPL joules is not enough + RF not enough so hard to tell whether IPL+RF really does add up to effective power for permanent hair reduction. The elos is pretty painless but will it be effective?

    Until more clinical studies come out, the Remington i-light is the best bet!

    • does it work with light thin hair?

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  • The Remington is old technology IPL, the HoMedics one uses elos technology. The same guy invented both. He invented IPL in 1991 and the elos in 2001 to overcome the linitations of IPL, both technologies have only recently been used for in-home devices. The IPL patent has run out, so several companies have these types of machines (Philips, Boots etc). The elos patent is still valid and therefore only one device is using this more advanced technology. The Remington also has a really small treatment window and treatment times are far slower as it can not flash as fast. Lastly, the Remington can not claim permanent results, the Homedics me can.

    • so you would recommend the homedics?

    • My girlfriend has one and she thins it is amazing - doesn't stop going on about it. Her legs are a lot smooth, o stubble, no in-growing hairs. SHe doesn't eed to spend ?40 pe month on bikini waxes either

    • can I ask. does it work on light hair too? like even a little peach fuzz

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