Do many women need to step away from makeup and wear basic colors and clothes?

Does anyone think many women need to put away the lipstick and hair coloring and learn what actually looks good on them? I saw a woman with a red lip and dyed blonde highlights and it did nothing for her. You can't just wear whatever you want ladies.
Just close your entire makeup box and pare down to basic clothes and natural looks without dyes etc. Because that looks better than whatever nonsense you think you need to look good.

This is a message coming from a woman who owns no makeup, has my natural hair color, no nail polish and dresses modestly.

This is advice I would give to even the most beautiful women like Adriana Lima. She cannot just be styled however the stylists and makeup artists desire. She is so beautiful that her beauty cannot be clashed with by the color shade of red lip or the dress no matter how gorgeous the dress is on its own. It maybe belong on another woman. Adriana needs more simplicity than this:
Do many women need to step away from makeup and wear basic colors and clothes?
I don't care what anyone says. Maybe it looks ok in certain lighting and angles but when I first saw it, in this video, it looked horrible to me. See here: This woman is gorgeous naturally and the too bold red lip makes her look bad. She also did a harsh red lip on herself for a voge ue makeup video here and its the last lip you see as she ends the clip and it was the worst color in the video in my opinion. Yet she seems to love it which leads me to believe that many women no matter how gorgeous really need to step away from the makeup box. It doesn't look good just because you like the color. Doesn't mean it looks good on you, etc. Etc.On that note, enjoy Adriana Lima! The queen.

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A lot of women seem to believe that putting on makeup = you look good. Not the case. No makeup is beter than being overly made up.
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Yes that shade of red lipstick you love make look beautiful... In the tube. And yes you are naturally beautiful. Does not mean both look good together.

If you wear it, it only TAKES AWAY from your beauty. Lima looks horrible in that makeup and dress above because she could look 100 times better and more beautiful with a different styling and coloring. I have seen it myself on her. This dress and lip just makes her look worse which is sad because she's one of the most gorgeous woman.
Do many women need to step away from makeup and wear basic colors and clothes?
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