Should I go all red, or go with the farmers tan? :(

well I don't tan easily,I'm completely pale,like,freaking snow white,and my neck got burned yesterday,and now I look like a moron,I'm not sure if I should go out and try to burn the rest of me,cause I'm one of the best candidates for skin cancer with all my beauty marks and my pale skin. so is there a way to get rid of the color on my neck? or should I just go all Mr krabs?


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  • Treat the burn on your neck with aloe vera or some other kind of sunburn gel, and buy a tinted moisturiser if you want to add some colour to your pasty skin, do not go all mr krabs, it would be painful and no offence stupid because your neck burn will heal way before the rest of you would =P. I'm very pale too with lots of beauty marks, the sun covers me in freckles and I burn from being in the sun for 5 min so I'm going to buy some of that tinted mousturiser so I can stop blinding people with my whiteness and not be a lobster. =D


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  • LOL, 'I got burned, should I go out and get burned EVERYWHERE ELSE?'

    No, LOL. Just don't worry about it, you won't look stupid or anything, I'm sure its cute =]


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