What to wear?

i m a muslim girl.n going to a study tour.at Cox- bazar's beach.can you plz help me out what to wear for looking beautiful and as well as sexy.i want to look different than others but have no clue to look different.what type of make-up.what type od dress.what type of make-up.my boyfriend and all the teachers and students are going to the tour.plz help me out


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  • since u're muslim I assume that u're covered I mean ur hair which z a hit nowadays so you don't have 2 worry abt it.n nowadays the weather z a bit chilly so you can wear a sexy training suit .

    pick a light colour as in light sky blue.or nice pink .or even light grey.it will look great

    try a natural look as in very light make up .just a lip gloss.n a very light 1 line of eyeliner

    i think u'll look very attractive


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  • Aww honey, don't worry chick, you'll have plenty of fun :) One of my best mates is muslim also and I have plenty of fun with her deciding what we will each wear to things. If you're going on a beach. how about a loose linen dress. or a kaftan. Or a loose shirt and long skirt? It is tough, particularly with the likelihood of it being hot. I hope this helps :S and I know it can be difficult xx

  • A bikini with one of those wraps around the waist that look like a long silky scarf, natural mineral powder makeup, not too thick and there is a simple look.

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