Looking, missing, thinking about a special person.... Am I being weird?

So if you're together, is it normal you look at each other?

Cause my boyfriend and me share a lot of classes. And somehow, I just glance at him, conscious or not. It's really annoying, I can't get him out of my mind, ever. I guess this is sort of normal, also the looking part...?

Anyway, he doesn't seem to have the same thing. He's quit, thoughtful, some people mistake him for shy, but he just isn't really open. Make it not.

He doesn't avoid me, he isn't a great fan of PDA one way or another (holding my hand, but there it ends, no problem with that by the way), avoids my eyes unless we're talking. He doesn't seem to have the same "need" as I do. Need isn't the right word anyway. It's more wanting to be with him, no matter when/where. Not that I can't live without him, but yes, I do miss him and think a lot about him all the time.

Am I being weird? Is his behavior strange? Am I being clingy? (Never act on these feelings, so no, he isn't aware of them, not really) Is there something I should do?

Thank you so much already!


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  • definitely normal


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