Intense eye contact?

A couple of months ago, my friend brought along a woman (early thirties, lets call her May) to a nature jog. After the run, I was chatting to my friend and I notice May in the right corner of my eye, look at my balls then stared at me, I slowly glided my eyes capturing the scenery and (hoping she will look away to save her from embarrassment), and we locked in an stare, she was calm and her pupils were swallowing me, then I started count to 10. The stare was about 13-15 seconds until she looked away in the ground biting her finger nails. My friend definitely noticed the intense stare, I looked at him for any cheesy comments but he just looked down lol.

What just happened here? I think it was a spark of some sort, because I felt something unexplainable that it made me swallow a spit. The irony is, my friend had told me that May has trouble with dating and finding a husband because she can't feel the "spark".

I haven't seen May for about 3 months until now during a party/ceremony. The party paraded people for recognition and I was in the sideline cheering on, I felt that intense stare again and I looked to my left, it was May. I don't know why but her eyes are like a magnet. We locked in a stare again until one of her friends patted/hit her in the arm and she looked away. She gave a speech and a significance was that she would look at the crowd, straight at me. I know it was me because I was wearing contacts.

We have spoken before but not about our feelings. What should I do now? May is 11 years older than me, and our paths have forked out.


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  • Maybe she just wants to fork?


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  • you'll be okay


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  • hey man, if you think she's your type. go for it. age is nothing but a number. ask her to take her out to eat somewhere... and sit across the table from each other, so then you can stare at each other until your eyes water


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