Girls, does tanning make your stretch marks more or less noticeable?

After 3 years, I have worked up the courage to finally wear shorts and short sleeves. I have stretch marks going all down my legs and down my upper arms. I'm really embarrassed of them and have always worn long sleeves and jeans during the summer, but I have started wearing shorts just a few days ago. I have really pale skin and when I get in the sun it is hard to notice the ones on my legs because they become a faded white color. I was hoping to get a little tanner this Summer, but I was devastated when I read that tanning [in sun light] can make them more noticeable. Now I am rethinking wearing shorts - I have very low self esteem. They are just in very noticeable spots, beneath the back of my knees and down my calve. I have heard 2 different stories though, some people say they hide stretch marks more, and others say they make them stand out even more. So, I am asking, what has been your experience with tanning with stretch marks?. If I hear that they hide they stretch marks or don't make a difference then I will feel a lot better about better.


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