Dilating eyes means that people likes you, is this true?

Myth - when a guy/girls eyes are dilating when he's looking at you then he's attracted to you.

So there is this guy.. we had this thing lol.. for like 4 months. Long story short I had to end it for fmaily reasons, but we both reallyy liked each other. He is a "sensitive" guy tho, and took it kinda hard. Lateley we have been anging out again (in a group setting with our mutual frineds) because after the break up he avoided me and our mutual friens. anyway, when we were hanging out we were sitting at a table and I said somthing sarcastic to him, and he sarted a staring contest. So for like 10min I was staring into this guys eyes.. and it was kinda crazyy, but I as I was I noticed his pupils were going crazzyy, lol. they kept dialatingg while we were sitting their like less than a foot apart, looking into each others eyes. He ended up looking away c someone distracted us, but I tried to shake it off. My question is, do you guys think that it was some kind of reaction to the light, (even tho it was changing) or is he attracted to me? Thanks so much for any replies :)
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  • No, your mind is playing tricks, it must have been the light.
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  • I never believed in this "pupil" stuff. The way someone is looking at you tells way more than just pupil dilation and things like that. No matter how much we want to read into "uncontrollable body language", it can provide a lot of misinformation. Therefore I would not rely on it.

    I voted B, obviously.

    • thanks for your honest reply :)

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  • I'd say that's a tough one. I personally buy the pupil myth, but considering the situation it is possible that it was the light. I don't really know what your 'thing' in the past was, but if it was anything serious, I would say he's still attracted, especially since it wasn't actually either of you who did the breaking up.

    I wouldn't place your hopes just on his pupils though.

  • Wow that sounds rilly cool but iv never heard of that befor. He might still like you but at the same time it could have just been the light.

    • it was crazyy haha. and yeah, it totally could have. the funny thing was it was at night, and there was one light in the tent. so there was no change in the light. I have no idea I was just curious. lol

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    • ahah it wasnt.. but still its mad corny, lmao XD

    • Hahaha ya that's pretty cool.

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