Best way to get rid of body hair?

i tried waxing and it gave me bruises on my skin, I have sensitive skin, the wax sucked its stick and gross and takes off hair patchy, I rather shave!

i can't afford laser treatment I have no money, I've tried everything shower creams, wax strips, ugh nothing works except shaving every other day.

what has worked for you?


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  • Sign up for one of those daily deal sites. They send you a daily buy-in for some deal of the day, and there are always offers for multiple laser hair removal sessions at 80-90% off. Could be worth checking into.


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  • i feel like you exhausted all the options out there... :/

  • go to a spa and have them do it way less painful ,and way better results its about 40 to 100 bucks depending on type of waxing as in bikini or brazillian full body only have to go in every 4 to 8 weeks and the more you do it the less painful it becomes :)


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