How to care for an infected belly button piercing?

I'm washing it with anti bacterial soap, spraying the H2o spray my piercer gave me at least twice a day. So I don't know what's the problem. Lately it's been red, with some clearish yellow discharge.could it just be irritated?.. I was just thinking of putting some neosporin and peroxide on it.
table salt?
thank you


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  • when I get cuts or scrapes, I use either hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol as an antiseptic, sometimes both because I get really paranoid about infections. then ill leave the cut alone for a while because hands are covered in germs and dirt and whatnot. i;d say you have the right idea with the neosporin. it's like the only antibiotic thing you can get over the counter. but yeah sanitize it, slop on some neosporin and cover it to discourage dirty stuff from getting in there (that's what she said, shut up).


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  • Warm water and salt. The best natural disinfectant ever!


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