The life of a hot girl? How different from an average looking girl's life?

Very attractive girls don't probably go through even half the sh*t us average looking to okay lookinpg girls go through.

How are hot girls' life different from that of an average girl in terms of jobs or dating?

I realized how stupid this question is since hot is such a subjective term... Its different for every guy...


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  • I can tell you that I was average looking in hs and hardly any guys liked me or approached me. Yeah I had a few boyfriends but they were average as well.

    my daughter is very cute and it's a huge difference. Even when she has a boyfriend she still has guys asking her out and when she doesn't have a boyfriend she has a different guy asking her out at least once a week(even ones who have girlfriends already) and she's waaaay more picky than I could have been so yeah it's a different world for the adorable crowd than us just normal girls. I didn't realize how much lol


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  • Some average girls have it a lot better for dating. Hot girls tend to be avoided a lot of the time because guys assume she'll say no.

    • I don't believe that...

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    • And I consider myself to be average looking, why am I not successful with guys then? Proof tbat guys do go after only the hot or pretty ones

    • You're only one example... I could bitch about how girls don't approach guys and it's unfair, but some do.

What Girls Said 2

  • Hot/beautiful is in the eyes of the beholder. Not sure what type of answer you're looking for with this question. Also does it really matter if someone else has a better life than you for jobs and dating? it won't change your life either way. The only thing you can do to make your life better is hard work and believing you're beautiful. Hope this helps...

  • there will always be someone prettier than you. it doesn't mean their life is easier. buutt, guys do throw themselves at very attractive girls if they can suck it up & even introduce themselves in the first place.

    • Wow, I've only had a few guys approach me in school, and they always had to be the undesirable ones... FML.

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