What are my chances with girls tonite?

A guy said that I look like a normal guy, I'm not ugly but not good looking either so what are my chances when I go talk to a girl?

My pic: link


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What Girls Said 1

  • Change the shirt for start apart from that as long as your interesting and different you should be ok

    • Gonna get outta the whole sports crap anyway like and hope to lose some more weight like, 5'11 and weigh only 12 stone 13lb but did weigh less when I went out.

      Once I work on the shoulders and arms gonna start wearing less clothing.

What Guys Said 1

  • It`s not about how you look like or dress like .It`s true it would be a bonus but it doesn`t matter that much. It`s about personality and what you talk about .You have to be different than most of the guys out there you must be unique and have confident in yourself .Believe in yourself and you will see some result :)

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