Was he looking for reconnecting childhood romance or just interested?

We were at a graduation party of a mutual friend. I was sitting with my family, so I don't think he would have made a move if he was interested. I couldn't tell if he was looking at me because he remembered me or because he was interested. We were in love with each other when I was 8 and haven't seen each other since. I have no idea how much older he is, but I can't imagine him being any older than 18. I'm 16 now.

He kept fixing his hair and I noticed him looking at me through my peripheral vision, but I was too afraid to make eye contact. My little sister mentioned him looking at me too, so it was obvious there was something interesting. He also had mild ADD when he was younger so I didn't know if the ADD had outgrown him or not (and if the hair was just part of it).

I was too afraid to ask if he remembered me and I totally regret it. Do you think he remembered me or he was interested? Thanks for the long read.


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  • Well that's about 8 years and along time for the growing and changing of your body. But its possible that he still remembers you and is still interested. So if he didn't recognize you than he just things your hot, if he did than he's still interested in you. Good luck :)


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