Is such a dress too much for a pop concert?

i have never been in a concert in US before. so this concert is kinda pop concert (bsb and NKOB is you know that! ). so I'm going to wear this dress. its all black while its like purple in picture. its tights completely to my body and its length is almost to my knees.

so what your opinion? is it too much? should I wear a jean instead?!



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  • OK, well, for one thing, the page is in Persian, and I don't really feel like downloading something that's written in a language I don't know. But I would just go with something like jeans and a t-shirt.

    Also, I had no idea either of those "bands" were doing anything nowadays. They should've retired aeons ago. Try listening to some bands that...oh, I don't know...actually play instruments or something.

    • o really? I just needed a site to allow me upload my pic...

      i know they are old fashion bands and almost all became old enough to retire :D but its kind of nostalgia for us, and it doesn't mean I don't listen to other kind of music or bands. we are going in a group so just wish us fun :D, and tnx for letting me know that the link is not working! ;)

    • Photobucket is probably your best bet.

      And I was just joking during that last part.

    • oo thnak you so much for that website ;)

      lol, I know, I wasn't serious too, if I was serious I wouldn't ask you to wish us fun :P

      anyways, tnx for sharing your opinion here :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Don't wear a dress, it's too much. Sincepop concerts are casual, Shorts and a tshirt will make you blend in perfectly.


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