Is she interested?

Girls, what does this stuff mean that this girl said over skype? Is she more interested?

We really liked each other, a LOT. Then she saw her ex and had to get over him so I gave her space and we didn't talk as much. She has been initiating Facebook chat with me ever since. So she likes me, but realized she had to get her head straight first. We've done sexual stuff before. It's up in the air whether or not we will date because of her situation.

So we were on skype and I was making her laugh. And she kept sending links of lingerie she was thinking about getting.

So I joked and was like "Ya know, if you ever needed to model these things, I'm here". She laughed and said "You'd have to be dating me to see that"

The sexual tension's still there, but what does this all mean?


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  • she wants to date you. she's hinting heavily at it


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  • 10% chance she's flirting and just toying with you

    90% chance she really wants you to ask her out...

    wow guys can't take hints:P

    • it's just confusing because we decided not to talk about relationships until the fall because she had to get over her ex. So you can see how I'm keeping up my guard. Not sure what she's doing.

    • Well the fall is almost coming! :P Good luck!

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