GUYS- What type/style/etc. of bra and panties do you prefer to see on a girl?!

It's all in the question. Also, where do you prefer your girl to buy her bra/panties?!


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  • We don't care. Just seeing ya'll in some bra in panties is enough for our manchild minds to handle. And at that point, we're just trying to get them off of you. Granted there is some sexy underwear out there for you ladies, and we appreciate it when you where them. But honestly, you could be wearing granny panties and a 1970's pointy nip bra, and we'd be trying to hit it. And as for where to buy them, we're dudes! I couldn't think of a single store, never bought either. Victoria Secret I guess lol. Whatever looks good. We trust your judgment. Like I said, we're just gonna try and rip them off of you anyways.


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  • whatever SHE feels sexy in. if she doesn't feel sexy in it, the lingerie isn't sexy

  • Bra-I don't know.

    Panties-Boy shorts and all it's other forms like cheeksters and hip huggers.


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