Do guys only like me for my looks?

I wouldn't call my self the most gorgeous thing on earth but I'm pretty descent looking...If you go to my pictures you can see me but my ex boyfriend said he only went out with me because of my looks...That kinda hurt me because I thought he actually liked me but now I have a another boyfriend and he is constantly telling me I'm beautiful and stuff...I honestly just want him to like me for me so do guys only like my appearance


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What Guys Said 1

  • could anyone here POSSIBLY know that?

    • I'm asking for a opinion not a direct answer...Of course you wouldn't known what goes on in there head

    • ya I get that, but like we don't even know if you have a worthwhile personality. like you could be the sweetest girl ever or a total bitch and we can't know, so how can we make an educated comment when we barely know what you look like and nearly nothing about your personality

    • Ugh,Forget the question...I just needed advive

What Girls Said 1

  • If he doesn't praise you for anything other than your looks or brag about anything other than your appearance, than he probably feels like you're not bringing much else to the table for him to talk about or get excited about.


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