Ladies: I'm taking my wife away for the weekend as a surprise, so I need to pack for her....!

Her parents are baby sitting for the weekend so she knows we are going but thinks we are going for an active walking weekend and staying in a hostel. We are however going to a Country house hotel for a real relaxing time, Picnic lunches, leisurely dinners, plenty of time in the spa. You get the idea. As I work from home I can take the luggage across the day before so she doesn't know until we arrive. here's my problem I need to tell her so she can pack herself? I can deal with toiletries, make-up, night & leisurewear, Slightly different with smart clothes/evening wear though.

I'd love to keep it a secret but do I risk picking her clothing myself? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • Don't even think about it fella, you need to let her pack herself
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  • Go for it, go for what you know she likes. She'll love the surprise.
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  • Let me see what people think
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  • Try to think back on outfits you have seen her wear just so you know what goes with what and attempt to pack it, if she gets upset over clothes that she didn't pack on a surprise getaway with plenty of spa time something is wrong. Better question would be where did she find you? I wish mine would do something like this instead of always eating dinner to ESPN >.<

    • I did think it would be a bit harsh if she was upset, just want it to be perfect for her.

      As for your question, she found me at work. The first time we spoke I was interviewing her...she got the job :)

      Finally you've got to be better than ESPN, hands down no contest

    • aww cute, it's okay I make him watch lifetime (I think he secretly likes all the drama), but oh remember to pack extra panties and bras (or at least 1 extra for each if you don't want to over pack) for some reason us girls tend to over pack on those sort of things.

    • Thats a lot of underwear to coordinate... luckily I have a few weeks (and do the washing and Ironing so can intercept without them going missing from drawers)

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What Girls Said 3

  • That's so sweet, I love it. I want to marry someone like you

    Ask her best friend and let her in on it and she can help you pack the clothes your wife will need

  • ask one of her friends what some of her favorite dresses and stuff are. Then you can keep it a secret and not risk picking clothes she doesn't like.

    • Kind of obvious I suppose, enlisting female help. Never occurred. Ta

    • haha no problem :)

  • I think you should try remember what she would usually wear...or even look at face book photos or something,to get an idea of what she would usually wear lol.But for evening wear,maybe just grab a dress!As for day wear,I'm sure jeans and a top will do!


What Guys Said 2

  • Definitely B! The surprise is worth way more than having her find out you grabbed the wrong pair of panties! Just go with whatever you think looks good on her lol. That way, if she complains, just tell her she looks great in it anyways.

  • If you know her well enough to know what'd she pack and 100% sure of that, do it. if not, well still try, but ask her casually the kinda things she would want to bring.


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