I'm kinda scruffy - would smartening up effect my chances with the ladies?

I have long/medium hair - usually just put on shorts and t-shirt. do girls take note of a guys clothes? should I bother paying more attention?


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  • yeap I think it would, if I can see you dressed looking good and carrying it off well it gives me the impression that you can look after yourself well and you may be fashion concious so you might know what looks good together. Trust me say if a guy is just below average looking but wears good clothes and carries himself well you will get more attention from girls. good attention at that.

    • when I see guys dressing like this link I think hmm, that's not really me. but I can see why they get more female attention. I dress more along this style: link but with longer hair. kinda plain I guess. what style do you like? (out of interest)

    • you should always dress what you feel comfortable in that way you'll feel more confident about yourself :) nooo I think both styles in the links are nice, plain is good sometimes :) uhm well I like to be open with my options so I could go from liking your style of clothing to indie, preppy, nerdy, really punk but really, it's how confident you are in your own skin/clothes and how you carry yourself, it can go a long way in attraction :)

    • oh crap, sorry for repeating myself over and over :')

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  • It depends on which type of girl you want to attract really...

    I think your look is plain but that doesn't mean bad means you are an objective person in my point of view...

    If you like girls all dress up and stlylish you might put an efford yourself...

    Girls do care about clothes...

    • good point!

    • so with your style you might attract a more laid back girl...that wear jeans and t-shirts as well a practical one...My friends like guys on polo shirts, I hate it I found them pretty boring, some like guys on pink as they found them bold so I guess it depends on the taste and the image you project...In my case I like a practical guy but also bold and that isn't afraid of taking risks...

  • Just look clean, and dress like yourself. As for your hair if it looks good long then leave it, and if not just get rid of it trust me it can make a huge difference.

  • you don't look like a hobo do you?

  • Not so much his clothes themselves as how he wears them. A guy who looks well put together gets more looks than a guy who looks sloppy.

    • what is an example of a sloppy looking guy?

    • Wrinkled, clothes don't fit or match, hair isn't clean looking or brushed. A guy who looks like he smells bad. Facial hair that is scraggly. Stains on clothes. Those are just a few examples.

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