Do you think we attract people with the same level of beauty?

Like If good looking Guys glance at me all the time does that mean I must be good looking as well?

If only Ugly Guys glance at me I must be Ugly?

In My case I realize not very attractive Guys give a damn about me and the hot ones do kind of weird as If the better looking Guys care how come the average doesn't?

Just wanna here what you think about it...


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  • In my psychology class we talked about how like tends to attract like, so basically people with similar attractiveness, education, goals, etc. are attracted to each other. I'm sure there are a thousand exceptions, though, but according to my psych class, that's what happens.

    Btw, I don't think glances at you = attracted to you or not. They're just checking you out, you caught their attention for a moment. I look at people all the time. What kinds of guys approach you, or show a strong attraction to you?

    • Not many Guys have approached me, that s why I said glance But like all the time like a platonic relantionship lol... Don't think I've been in many situations that they could have approached me... But the ones that did were confident and players I would say good looking But with a personality I don't like...

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    • Yea, but again, you don't know what he was thinking. He could have been waiting for an important call or somethingg. Probably had nothing to do with you. Maybe he was just really fidgety. :P

    • yes he was but as it was the first time I approach a guy I felt it was all me, freaking the guy out lol...well I guess we only get better at practice I just know that guys are too pussies nowdays and if I just decide to stay with the ones that have the balls to come and talk to me I will be with a player and that's not what I want...

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  • Yes. Hot girls attract hot guys and vice versa

    • i think hot people might attract everything no? or ugly people think they won't get them so don't even try?

  • Guys date up, when it comes to looks. Girls have to get past what they find physically attractive and/or unattractive or else only settle for hookups. Guys will sleep with a girl who is average, but only fall in love with the hottest one they can get their hands on. If a guy is witty, intelligent, funny, rich, etc ... these traits will get him a hot girl, whether or not he's hot or not. SO, an average female really needs to not think of physical attraction in any form.

    • there is no way to make that assertion & be correct. what is fund to be attractive is subjective. from culture to culture, city to city , person to person--even day today. there is no such thing as absolute attractiveness. there is also no such thing as an absolute guy are an absolute girl.

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    • Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Girls have to be hot - or at least hotter than the guy. Guys can be whatever they want.

    • Oh God that's not fair...i need to find the guy cute and I am not hot just cute...

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