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Recently I went camping and I accidentally grabbed my abercrombie and fitch shorts. I was going to wear them at first, but my friends laughed at the idea and told me that isn't a very good idea. I thought why not? they are shorts right? A&F was a outdoor clothing company before they became famous. But seeing that they were pretty expensive, I decided not to wear them.

So ladies (or guys) my question is if there are any other fashion no no's that I should know about.

Another one I heard was to never wear a black shirt with brown pants/shorts. is that true too?


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  • Jeans that are very low and show your boxers. I hate that look. Another no-no is wearing crocs...some guys still wear them and it's so disgusting. I was standing at the LIRR station and this guy was wearing crocs and was rubbing one of his dirty foot on his opposite leg. I want to throw up seeing that, like ILL!


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  • Pants so tight that they create love handles and flatten out any butt the wearer previously had.

    Shirts so tight you can see the fact that the wearer is definitely overweight.

    Why do people wear smaller sizes than they should? It is horrifying.

    • i agree, that goes for girls too. belly shirts with a beer gut, eww. haha

    • haha I had specific girls in mind as I was writing it. People really need to learn that nobody cares about the size on your clothing, they only see what you look like wearing it.

  • I guess I don't really believe in fashion no nos. I wear whatever the hell I want and I usually look pretty normal. But if someone wants to dress weird, then go for it. haters gonna hate anyways, so you might as well do what makes you happy.

    • ya but I don't want to be the only douche wearing somethingg stupid and getting stared at. My question is to help me AVOID problems like that then ignoring them

    • i get what you mean, but the problem is that it really depends on who you hang out with, what's hip in your area, etc. If you don't want to stick out, then just try to wear similar stuff to your friends, I guess. I mean that's what most people do, even if it is kinda conformist.

    • my question was to help point out stupid things to wear ma'am, regardless who I'm around. Not only my friends but to the general public. So to help me move past my friends dressing habits, id like to know what everyone else thinks. I'm just curious about what others know too.

  • Just balance out your outfit. Don't wear those gangster shirts that are 10sizes too big, no sagging pants, wear clothes that fit you well. A normal Tshirt can be jazzed up with a casual vest if you have the swagger to pull it off. And one gold chain man necklace is good, no more than 5 mm wide or so. None of that stupid bling, makes you look like a douche. Also wear your hat forwards not all weird like this guy who looks so stupid


    I agree with everyone that you should wear clothes that are true to your body size. A few things to never wear are crocs, cheap-looking rubber flip flops like from old navy, and the infamous sock and sandals. There was a guy at my middle school who wore tall socks with sandals everyday. And he continued to do so all through high school *facepalm* maybe he'll get the memo eventually... Anything that fits poorly is terrible to look at. Other than that just find a fashion you like and follow it. I love to be gyaru so I mainly get my inspiration from but sometimes I look at gyaru tumblrs too. Overall, unless you look like you belong here link then you're doing just fine. Also, you can shop with friends who have a style you like and will help you pick out great clothes

  • Fashion "No-No's" only exist if you don't have the confidence to wear what ever the hell you want!

  • I do think black and brown sometimes works so I wouldn't say its a no no...

    i think fanny packs is a no no major ...

    tie dye anything

    anything like a walking billboard too like logos everywhere

    boxers out of pants and baseball caps...

  • Socks with sandals.

  • Black doesn't match brown, unless it's tan or khaki. Dont' wear socks with sandals. Don't go shirtless when its not the norm. Don't wear cutoff shirts that go down to your navel unless you're at the gym. Don't wear too much cologne. Shower and get haircuts regularly. That's about all I have.


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  • A and F is good for outdoors if you're talking about khaki cargo shorts and brown leather sandals, f.uck are your friends talking about?

  • Everyone seems to be focusing on casual wear so I figure I'll offer some tidbits on dressing up because I think it's somethingg all guys should be able to do. I seriously get annoyed by guys who don't know how to clean up properly.

    Don't mix black and brown anything.

    If you wear a striped shirt, make sure the color matches your tie.

    Black suits are for funerals and FBI agents. They are occasionally acceptable as formal wear but never as professional wear.

    Always match your belts and shoes.

    Never mix stripes (as in don't wear striped ties with striped suits or shirts etc.).

    Don't wear scuffed or worn out shoes.

    Wear dress socks, people will notice if you don't.

    Finally, and I feel like this should be a given but I find that a lot of guys are apparently unaware, keep yourself well groomed and wear clothes that fit properly.

    • I like this answer, but I'm looking for somethingg a bit more casual then a formal dress code. ya know?

    • Brown and black can be mixed together.

      The shirt and tie don't have to match in color, but they should compliment each other

      Belts and Shoes do not have to be matched.

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