Should I say something or wait for him?

OK so there is this guy I like and we became friends really fast and as the school year ended I could tell that he had feelings for me and cared a lot about me but was confused too.. anyway we talked everyday and he walked me to my classes and always said hi to me in the halls.. but we haven't talked since school ended and today I saw him and I know he saw me too because once I entered the room he turned his whole body to where I was and kept staring at me! anyway... he passed by me twice and didn't say anything not even looked at me! so I'm so confused and mad! I know it's my fault to because I should of said something! but I was waiting to see if he did! I'm going to him this next 3 days.. so should I say something or wait for him? please help!


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  • if he wont, go ahead and say somethingg. If he ignores you, there's your sign that he isn't interested. I'm guessing this is high school type of stuff...(one more thing darling, you don't KNOW if he has feelings or cares about you, you THINK he does. You won't ever know, even if he tells you. Then it just means he told you, its more believable than thinking though)


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