What do you think about this style for a girl?

I am 5"7' and 110 lbs girl. I am not girlie I would say because I don't wear dresses, high heels, or makeup. I am more comfortable in my blue jeans and a sweatshirt. I was wondering do any guys out there like this type of appearance on a girl. I also want to add in that I am the type of girl who likes to go out and get dirty and play different sports rather than being indoors shopping or trying on different outfits. What do you think?


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  • Jeans can be sexy.

    I can't, offhand, think of a sexy sweatshirt. I suppose those really fitted ones can look good.

    Have you seen the halloween costumes they have now? They have sexy witches, sexy police, sexy alice in wonderland, sexy football player, sexy pack of cards, sexy pilot, sexy librarian.

    Notice a trend? Guys like sexy. Maybe not as extreme as halloween (aka dress like a whore day) costumes, but they like sexy, but there can be a LOT of different ways to be sexy. You don't have to wear heels and a dress all the time (though you should learn to get comfortable in them for whtn the occasion demands it).

    You can be casual, sporty, relaxed and sexy. In practice, this probably means 'tight clothing'. But there you go. Slim jeans, yoga pants/leggings, fitted tops, etc.

    • Why is it that girls have to wear tight fitting and guys get away with wearing their jeans around their ankles and shirts that are 5x to big for them?

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    • Thanks for the answer. So getting a guy is the outward appearance? What is your opinion?

    • Getting a guy's interest and him to notice that you are a girl and not just one of the guys is about outward appearance.

      To actually sustain something, appearance and attraction are a significant factor, but intellectual compatibility, personality, kindness etc matter too. People want to date someone they're attracted to, but they're not very happy with that person if they don't like them or don't get along.

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  • the perfect wedding outfit...ragland shirt,low rise boot cut jeans, flip flops and if a girl wears her hair down...5 star question, ma' am.


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  • so you're a tom boy? be careful with that because then guys might think of you as just a friend if you're too much of a guy


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