List a few things you could care less to do (list as much as you want!)

OK, here's my list of things I could really care less to do:

1. I could care less to go get a professional manicure, pedicure or hair dye (too costly and I can do it myself and it is fine with me)

2. I could care less to get piercings (the only ones I have are the ones my mom gave me when I was born), or get tattoos

3. I could care less to wear expensive jewelry (I actually don't wear any except for 2 rings)

4. I could care less to follow the trend on what is "hot and now" in the fashion magazines. I just wear casual loose blue jeans and colored t-shirts that I think look good on me.

5. I could care less about getting a pet. My dad always told me they smell and they take a lot of work some times.

6. I could care less to wear make up now a days! I just wear sun block on my face. I guess it maybe due to the fact that I'm married and my husband keeps telling me to stop wearing it.

7. I could care less about my weight because I just eat whenever I want and I never gain weight.

8. I could care less about exercising, I never do it. I am in pain for a week if I exercised for an hour...

ok guess that's all I can think of right now. YOUR TURN! :)


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