So what's with the bodyguard attitude!! need help seriously!!

It is a pretty weird situation I am having with my new guy friend who used to have a crush on me for 4 years !but we became friends recently and he is such a nice guy but I am not sure if he got over that crush thing or not So I need your help please ! he does some weird stuff I mean before we became friends he used to stare at me all the time now he stopped that but instead he keeps looking at me every few minutes (as long as we are in the same place he keeps taking glimpses ) and that's if we are not standing together ,always sits next to me in all classes we have together ,and that was even before we knew each other but the weirdest thing of all weird things is that more then once I turned to find him standing right behind me like bodyguards do first time thought it was a coincidence but that happened more then once! and another weird thing we had this lecture and I was sitting in the row behind him and he turned his head to look back and noticed me I acted like I did not see him anyway he kept turning his head and looking at me like 4 times in a period of a two hours lecture so what is that really !?


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  • He likes you, hope he talks to you as much as he looks otherwise it'd be massively creepy ^^

    • well,yes we talks to me a lot even once we had a round at the hospital (we are med students ) and he saw me 4 times each time he stopped to hi me and make a small conversation ! all that in 1 day !

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