How do I get nicer skin?

OK, so I'm 16. I do get some pimples on my face but not really bad. I started using pro-active a few months ago, every day, but pimples still seems to come up. I use the cleanser, the toner, repair, then the moisturizer as told by the instruction.

I also have these little red marks on my face, which I think is from the previous pimples on my face (it might be from when I picked some of them off), how do I get rid of these? What product should I use to make sure no more pimples come up? Are there any other products to make my skin nicer?



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  • At 16 you're pretty much doomed. Don't pop or pick at them. Don't touch your face. Keep your hair out of your face. Drink tons of water. There are foods you can eat to detoxify your body that will help with acne. I can't remember what they all are, google them.


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  • Oh my gosh. Boys. Ugh. You're not suppose to pick your acne! It just causes more bacteria and acne to grow on your face! And the scars will not go away if you have sensitive skin.


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  • I've never had great skin, and always had acne. I tried pro active and it did nothing for me. Eventually I went and saw a doctor and he prescribed me with this cleanser that smelt like alcohol and this other cream, I don't even know what it is. And well, this really has helped a lot and my face is a lot clearer.

    So my suggestion is, see a doctor. The doctor was a little taken aback that I didn't go in earlier, so yeah, go in when you can.

    • I'm going to go to a dermatologist soon actualy.

    • Im 16 too and for the only product that really actually seemed to help was this cream stuff called benza clin that my doctor prescribed so maybe that will help u?

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