Would you want to have kids with really "not good looking" people?

If you fell in love with someone not so "good looking" would you want to have kids with them? Would you rather have kids with someone good looking and not really be in love with them. They possibly would divorce you or you will divorce them later on but you guys will make the most beautiful kids.

(This is considering you are at least a 7/10 on looks)

I'm with a not so good looking guy, and don't really plan to have kids with him. He says it every time that he's really ugly. But he loves me a lot!

My sister married and had a kid with a pretty decent guy. The divorced 2 years later but she has the cutest little boy EVER!
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Would you want to have a kid with someone not so smart, or not so funny, or not so talented etc. What kind of person would you NOT want to have kids with?
Seriously I think most people (although you guys might deny it) would rather choose a good looking person over a non-good looking person. There's so many questions on here about looks like this one link


Most Helpful Girl

  • i wanna have pretty kids. I don't know why people act like you have to choose looks over personality. you can have an attractive partner that you love as well. I wouldn't date an ugly guy in the first place so I doubt I'd end up marrying and reproducing with one. if we're not attracted to each other then what's the point? its just a friendship.

    my mom is really pretty and my dad is good looking and they have been married 25 years. my dad said he first fell in love with my mom because she was so beautiful and he knew they'd have pretty kids.

    i know how mean kids can be and I don't want my future kid growing up being teased because of their looks so I would want to marry a good looking man and make pretty children with him.

    • AWESOME answer! That's exactly how I feel! Except that I fell for my guy since he wouldn't let up on me and wanted to be with me so bad I allowed myself to love him and marry him. But your last statement is exactly how I feel. YOU GET BEST ANSWER. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANSWERING! I hope you find someone super good looking and have gorgeous babies. Take care.

    • thanks for the best answer! don't worry, your kids will probably take after you anyway especially if you have daughters (daughters get moms genes)


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What Guys Said 3

  • bit shallow really?!

    anyway if you truly love someone, you wouldn't consider them to be ugly...surely?

    • eh he is slightly not good looking, if you know what I mean. He has a extremely skinny nose from the top then on the bottom it is quite big and a little bit too long (if you know what I mean). And he has a uni brow (which he shaves every time). And he has really no lips at all (which makes him look old but he isn't that old). I don't know how else to explain it... but I don't think we should have kids! hahaha... just in case the kid doesn't look like me.

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    • I think you've lost touch with reality some years ago.

    • actually I know reality pretty good. tons of people doing pot every day like it's their life, tons of people have sex with multiiple people, everyone getting a divorce now a days, I just saw a kid I use to take care of at the day care and this kid is 5 and he told me his dad is moving to a new house today and his parents are angry with each other (his grandma explained that they seperated) and people don't get along at all. I get along just great with my husband. So I'm fine thanks

  • Um, hello? If I love them, I accept them for who they are. Why wouldn't I, assuming I wanted kids?

    • but you'd only choose someone you are attracted to right? Who is attractive as much as you see them? You wouldn't choose someone to have kids with that is not attractive would you?

    • If I loved them, it wouldn't make a difference. The question didn't say, "would you date someone who's unattractive," it said "if you fell in love with an unattractive person would you have kids with them?" If I fell in love with them, it wouldn't make any difference. If you feel otherwise, you're simply extremely shallow. It's LOVE. It wouldn't matter.

  • Hahaha. What a bitchy question. Funny fact quickly... MEN AGE LIKE WINE, WOMEN AGE LIKE MILK. Women usually don't stay hot. You will be a 5/6 out of 10 soon enough, just wait. Your husband on the other hand, will age well.

    • actually I'm Asian, we age really well. When I'm 40 I'll look like I'm 25 just like my aunt. Who divorced her husband of 10 years after she turned 35 and now remarried a new guy and has another set of 5 kids and she is 45 and looks like she's 25. Thanks, but your answer didn't help me at all. Go annoy someone else.

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    • I could care less if my kids are attractive. As long as they are healthy, happy and successful in life I could care less how attractive they are! They know I will love them unconditionally and support them in every way that I can.

    • ok that's your preference, I'm not telling you that that's not OK. You're on the other hand telling me my preference is not OK, but guess what? I'm sure tons of people have the SAME preference as I do. So get over it and don't say anything at all if you don't have anything nice to say. YOu shoudl have said your last comment as your ONLY comment, then maybe you would have gotten best answer and maybe less down arrows.

What Girls Said 3

  • I would. I hope when I'm ready to get married and have kids, I'm not going to be so shallow as to pick only a "hot" guy just so I can have pretty babies

    • eh we aren't shallow. Who said I married my guy for looks? I married him for love. But we just have concerns about our children getting picked on in the future. There's a difference.

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    • you are by far the most ridiculous person I have ever met. no matter how attractive you might be or how attractive your future kids might be, if they have the misfortune of inheriting your personality, they will be the ugliest people on earth. I have no doubts about that

    • I don't know what you are saying. You're the one dissing me and trying to get me mad. I didn't even say anything mean to you. I think you're a mean person and you're kind of insensitive. I"m just saying... people have preferences on what they want or don't want to do in life and why. Just wondering if others have the same preferences as me on this website that's all. And guess what? If you just want to diss me, go some where else thanks

  • i think you're forgetting that when you have your own kids, no matter how they look to anyone else they will be more beautiful to you than any other "universally" or "conventionally" beautiful kid. At the end of the day you will love them and to you they will be beautiful so having kids with someone because you think you will have goodlooking kids is kindof silly because what is "goodlooking"? Different people would have a different opinion. And if you want to talk about it universally, even then your children can have any gene from either side of the family. They don't even necessarily have to look like you or the father. They could look like someone else from the family.

    • ofcourse the kid would be beautiful to me because I'm their mother I'd want to love the kid. Although I cannot shelter the kid from being made fun of, abused, or whatever else peers now a days do to each other (I worked at a day care and the ugly ones got beat up or picked on a lot). So anyways, good looking means that peers would like them, jobs choose better looking candidates, teachers and everyone else treats pretty people nicer. look at our society, good looking get paid a lot!

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    • now=not*

    • yes I know that looks is not everything that's why I married a guy not so good looking. I married him for his "love". anyways, but you would want to be with a guy you're at least attracted to, I think most people are like that so don't let people get you down if they tell you that you are shallow just because of that. Good luck finding that good looking attractive guy you want! peace!

  • You don't mention anywhere that YOU love either of the guys in question. Ugly guys can be cheaters and sh*tty husbands too, I see it all the time. Banking on a guy's ugly looks as security may not work. A lot of guys will plow an ugly chick if their hot wife is being mean to them.

    • I did say "if you fell in love" which means you love the not so good looking guy and he loves you back. Now would you have kids with him? and no where in the question does it say that I am mean to him or that you should be mean to your SO just because they are not so good looking. I'm not suggesting that. I don't know where you got that idea from in my question. I just asked if you would want a kid with them if he/she gave you the choice and said it was up to you to just say yes or no.

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    • Sounds like you may not want kids either way. No need for a reason. Kids are A LOT of work...

    • true

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