Are girls attracted to pirates or intimidated?

I am 18. I come from a family of well-known pirates who operated from Jamaica through out asia. They were captured 3 years ago sadly in europe and I was given residency and a place in an orphanage. I am still affected by the past years and my way of dressing and hairstyle is different. I get looks from girls and they smile and giggle and sometimes we talk but I don't know if they are interested or just makin fun. Are girls turned on by pirates. I am very kind and I make excellent food.


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  • I like an interesting man. What is your style like? can you link a picture?

    • I would like to give you a link to my picture but I'm sensing that everyone other than you doesn't like my kind or they made fun of me

    • what I mean is I don't want these people to click the link then make fun

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  • Id say girls like the pirates from the movies, modern day pirates I would think not so much because they're not really treasure hunters any more so much as they are criminals, such as the pirates the took those Americans hostage a couple years ago

  • The only pirate I'm attracted to is captain jack sparrow :) hahahah

  • In my eyes pirates are thieves, and I think thieves are immoral. I wouldn't date a guy who was OK with stealing. I wouldn't be intimidated or turned on, more repulsed.

    (You can correct me if I'm wrong)

    • what goes on the pirate world is different that what you hear about. A lot of the pireacy that my family was involved in was against other families that we have had feuds for centuries with. ...Each ship has its symbols I haven't stolen anything from anyone and I have never harmed anyone. It is very rare that we get into conflicts with others. like maybe 3 times a year at most if it happens. The last time we got into a conflict I was very young so I was with the women and children

    • Then I guess I was wrong then. Like zenqueen said I suppose your life would be interesting (In fact it's kind of cool), but I wouldn't be attracted to you because of it more curious.

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