I think my first and only girlfriend may have been way too beautiful?

We were on and off for about a year ish before breaking up about 3 months ago. I realize many guys say this as hyperbole but I sincerely, without exaggeration, think she is the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. She's so incredible and stunning, I can't believe someone like her truly exists. Needless to say, I'd like very much to get over her.

So, I try to look at other girls and whatnot. But every time I try to like one, it's the same damn problem. They're not as pretty. It's like I got spoiled or something. it's a stupid, ridiculously unfair problem. I was never superficial before her, in fact I often disliked good looking people on instinct because I assumed they were dumb or selfish. But after loving someone so incredibly beautiful looks suddenly matter.

So like, is this gonna get better? The idea that I'll never experience dating a girl that perfect ever again is depressing. I don't want to consider my ex the most beautiful girl in the world. But I can't help it.


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  • Looking at other girls isn't going to help you get over the girl you previously had feelings for, much to the dismay of many people around the world. However, I can guarantee that it will get better. Like I say to everyone else, you have to learn to love yourself and enjoy life without the person you previously loved before you can see other people the way you saw her. Chill with your buds, go places, do things you've always wanted to do. Change your look, your room, whatever you want, but get creative and focus on YOU right now and YOUR LIFE. With time your heart will grow apart from her and you'll meet a girl and even though she may not initially be as beautiful (she could be as well, depending on how the girl is and how you feel at the time) you will grow to see her as even better than your ex.

    Time is key, and everyone moves on at a different pace :)


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  • I know how you feel don't worry!

    But did you ever think that you only think she's the most beautiful girl because you loved her more than you loved anyone else? Of course I'm sure she is a stunner, but there are lots of beautiful girls out there. Maybe you have to dig deeper, find if it's just the looks, or the feelings towards her that is doing this to you. Maybe when you figure that out you can sort out your problem :)


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  • i know exactly what you mean. I thought my ex was a goddess too. but its actually the love for her and the loss of her that exaggerates her beauty. there are many other beautiful girls out there in the world that you aren't giving a chance to bcos you're still in love with her and as they say love is blind. in this case not blinding you from experiencing the rest of the female population out there. its OK give yourself time. you don't need to rush to get over this girl. heck it took me 2 years to get over mine. but I trust that somewhere down the line I'll meet someone who will love me and vice versa and whom I will find just as beautiful or prob even more. hope you can find the optimism in you to do the same.


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