I read an article on yahoo about that will the world look in 2050 and what do you think?

Well first of all I will be 65 and I will look like I'm in my late 20's and hopefully by then everybody will blessed withmy looks.lol

by then I would have world domination and you will be begging for me to let you eat real food instead silicone green which is people!


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  • Look in your late 20's? :P You really do love to compliment yourself ^_^ Well I expect the world will have floating hover cars and robots! >:D>:D as long as we have them I'm all good :D

    • age is just number and I'm I'm mid 20 sound better lol besides your late 20's are hight anf your talking like I'm late 30's lol

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  • Oh yeah? Well I saw a movie called "Idiocracy" that takes place in the future where you would be the smartest person in the world.


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