What do guys think after they see a close girl friend crying?

my friends are moving to college in a few weeks and after the end of this long event we had been preparing for for a while now, I realized that this really was the end. I realized that there was little reason to see them every day now on. one guy is moving to Texas and another is moving to San Diego while I'm staying in l.a. I broke down and started crying for an hour. I went back into the office to get my shoes and I saw them there. I insisted on a hug from both of them and they hugged me even though their faces were totally awkward and uncomfortable. they both tried cheering me up by reminding me of inside jokes and telling me that everything would be all right. Are they going to be super awkward now?


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  • no their not going to be awkward their facial expersions were what are we suppose to do


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