Guys, do you care about perfumes that girls wear?

do you notice the smell of the girl? do you have your favorite ones? or it doesn't matter for you as long as she smells OK?


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  • i do notice it and like it when she keeps it the same for a bit at least I get used to it and similar smells remind me of her. this one girl I have a bit of a crush on has perfume that smells a little like a tropical beach. so any room spray or even the beach itself makes me think of her its actually kinda anoying in that regard


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  • I'd rather she didn't wear any at all or put it on her clothes instead. I really hate tasting it when I kiss her body.

    • Interesting. Is that just for perfume, or the scented body wash stuff too?

    • Scented body wash doesn't have a taste like perfume. And I'm saying that I kiss her all over.

  • yes I do notice it.. in fact most guys do.. fragrance is a turn on for me.. but it should be subtle..

  • i hate perfume but that's just me


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