Guys: Would you date this girl?

I'm going to describe a girl and you tell me if she's dateable.

Appearance: petite, 34A-26-34, long black hair, sweet smile

Personality: a bit shy until you get to know her, she's funny and a bit quirky. She's also smart, sometimes even a bit geeky.

Style: Jeans/jeggings, funny animal T-shirts and Converse (one outfit)

Pastal dress with flats (another outfit)


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  • I'd hit it so hard, the person who pulled me out would be crowned the next king of France.

    • Hahaha. If she's Asian, would you change your mind?

    • only that it would change to the Emperor of China.

    • LOL:)

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  • Based off of this description, yes.

  • Absolutely!

  • hell yes :) she sounds amazing

  • I might. I can't give a yes or no. It sounds like it could go either way for me.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Aw, stop teasing him.

    • No I wouldn't. I'm desperate, but not enough to just date anyone to have a date. That would be retarded. Well to be more specific I'm not a fan of petite and you said quirky but no details on that. Quirky could be weird or annoying to me for all I know. I like the style though I'm pretty sure.

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