Is it better to be cute, sexy or gorgeous?

i always get called cute but I want to be sexy? I feel sexy deep down but people don't see that in me. Cute sounds so boring and little girl like, like you're not pretty enough or something, what's your opinion?


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  • All of the categories intersect at some point for me, but solely based on my first impressions, gorgeous, beautiful, or even cute is what you want to hit. If my first impression is hot/sexy, you're just eye candy and nothing more. lol my "system" probably only makes sense to me.


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  • Sexy = I want to make relations with you right here and now

    Gorgeous = You look very respectable, but I still want to jump your bones the minute we get home

    Take your pick.

  • Gorgeous, I mean, how often do you hear that in everyday life?

    Cute is something I'd say to my sister. Sexy is alright, means you're nice to look at.

    But GORGEOUS, damn. She'd have to be pretty amazing.

  • Cute.


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  • cute to me sounds like someone saying your OK looking. your not hot but also not ugly

    sexy is a bit much for me. when a guy says this I think its more of a sexual attraction than anything else

    gorgeous means your absolutly beautiful on the outside. honesty I would rather be called gorgeous than anything!

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